Thursday, 30 January 2014

Happy CNY 2014

Very happy to create my blog on Chinese New year Eve, Happy CNY 2014 to every one.

I am a Java programmer, having 5 years of experience,  worked on finance, education and supply chain domain. This blog is to keep track of all the things I have learned and learning in my Java Job. I will share tips, solutions of problem I face, My learning with new features of Java 8,  code snippets for common task in Java which I always google, and lots and lots of things to remember stuff.

I also love to keep and collect Java Interview questions, as you always need them. So I will also share some interesting, some boring but frequently asked questions as well. We use spring, struts, hibernate, Javascript, html, JQuery, Oracle and couple of other technologies in project, so I will also share my learning on those tools and technique.

This is my no means an expert blog, its actually a beginners blog. I realized that writing and sharing your knowledge is only way to keep remember what you learn, and so is this blog. Its mainly for myself but if you find it useful or benefit from it than it's truly great.

and here is my best way to start a Java blog

public class HappyCNY{   
     public static void main(String args[]){
        System.out.println("May Year of Horse brings Success to your life, Happy CNY");